The Future of Clean Sustainable Energy in Farming

Date: 01-12-2021

What do haircuts and sheep shearing have in common?

(hint: it isn’t the scissors & clippers)

Our client (Process Gas Solutions) was contracted by (NSW Dept of Primary Industries) to build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell demonstration mobile trailer to show the public how hydrogen fuel might be integrated into Australia’s agricultural activities when produced by clean energy sources including Solar. At this particular show, DPI had great feedback and a high level of interesting discussions from the public.

Basically, this entire system is powered by H2 Gas and solar. The H2 fuel cell produces 24V 70A at 27 Volts output via its own dedicated DC/DC converter. This then feeds via the 24v 100Ah B-TEC which powers the 2000w Inverter for their 230v loads. As the battery is maintained at 100% full capacity, the H2 fuel cell itself is providing 85% power to the inverter. The Fuel cell is capable to deliver up to 1700W (85%) of 230V AC power and the solar array can deliver the remaining 300W (15%) through the ePOWER 24v DC2DC charger for a total of 2000W output. This supplies power to a Flat Screen TV, hair clippers, blow dryers, coffee machine, and mobile phone charging.

The B-TEC 100Ah battery can also be used as a backup if they run out of H2 gas or if they have poor weather days with little to no solar output. When the system is idle, the Solar keeps the B-TEC battery and monitoring systems charged via the ePOWER 24V DC2DC charger.

As you can see, the display is used at Agriculture Field days, such as this one with NSW Dept of Primary Industries, to demonstrate energy sustainability and alternative sources.

Originally the system was going to be used to shear sheep, but they found it too hard to sheer them in public so they came up with this great idea of giving people free haircuts! In the future, they are going to further expand this unique capability by offering free boot polishing as well!

The full design solution was a collaboration between Enerdrive & Process Gas Solutions and the fit-out of the cabinets was done on site at Enerdrive by our Design & Manufacturing team.

Clean sustainable energy sources for the future of our planet.


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