Powering Adventures Since 2003

Enerdrive’s story began in 2003 as Advance Trident Limited (ATL), serving the marine industry in Australia. Recognising the potential in the mobile and recreational vehicle market, ATL transformed into Enerdrive in 2008.

Building a Brand and Expanding Expertise:

From the start, Enerdrive partnered with leading companies like Delta Q, Morningstar, Blue Sea Systems, TBS Electronics, and Xantrex. In 2014, we launched our own “Brand Identification” program, introducing private-label products like eLITE & ePRO battery monitors, Magnasine Inverter/Chargers, Dual Battery kits, and VSR relays.

The success of these products fueled further innovation. We expanded our offerings to include off-grid fixed and folding solar panels, regulators, inverters, and DC2DC converters. Recognizing the growing demand for self-reliance, we embarked on a manufacturing program in 2018. This led to the development of our own ePOWER AC battery chargers, DC2DC battery chargers, and Lithium battery systems.

From On-Grid to Off-Grid Leadership:

Initially, Enerdrive ventured into the on-grid solar industry. However, we identified a stronger fit in the off-grid/standalone arena. This led to a crucial partnership with Morningstar, the global leader in off-grid solar controller technology. Today, we hold extensive stocks of their products and collaborate to create charging algorithms optimized for the latest battery technology, including Lithium.

A Commitment to Innovation and Customer Service:

Enerdrive’s commitment goes beyond distribution. We established an in-house design team dedicated to crafting custom power solutions for diverse applications. This focus on innovation, coupled with exceptional customer service, solidified our reputation within the industry.

Joining Forces for a Brighter Future:

In May 2021, Enerdrive became part of the Dometic organisation, a global leader in mobile living solutions. This powerful union opens doors for international expansion while allowing us to stay true to our core values.

Looking Ahead:

Our mission remains steadfast: delivering cutting-edge power solutions and unparalleled customer service to both B2B and B2C markets. We’re excited to introduce new and innovative products while taking the Enerdrive | Dometic brand worldwide.

Contact Enerdrive | Dometic today to discuss your requirements and let us work with you to produce a system that exceeds your expectations.

We work closely with all industries that require independent, mobile or off grid power solutions including:


  • Caravan/RV
  • Marine
  • Mobile
  • Emergency Services
  • Off Grid Solar
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Utilities
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Local Government
  • Defence

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