Tank Sender VSM 24in Petrol Only

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  • Accurate - used with the Vessel Systems Monitor VSM 422 PN 1800—can be precisely calibrated for each tank* 
  • Reliable - SSI Technologies, Inc. Fluid-Trac® is non-contacting eliminating any mechanical moving parts that can wear and cause intermittent or complete signal loss 
  • Digital filtering - Eliminates errors due to liquids sloshing in mobile tanks 
  • Limitations and considerations for mounting the ultrasonic tank senders: 
  • Senders are calibrated to the VSM 422 and will not function with other monitors 
  • Senders must be mounted 4" or greater distance from a tank side or baffle 
  • Tank floor must not be sloped 
  • Tanks must not be deeper than 24" 
  • Sender must be mounted perpendicular to the surface of the liquid 
  • The sender negative connection should be connected as directly as possible to the main negative bus.

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