Automatic Charge Relays 120amp

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$216.00 ex GST


Automatically shares single source of charge with Auxiliary Battery


  • 120 Amp continuous rating
  • 12/24V DC auto ranging voltage input
  • Senses charging on two battery banks
  • Side and bottom knockouts for cable connections
  • Clip-on cover insulates terminal connections
  • 7∕8" (22 mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals
  • Integrated LED indicates ACR status
  • 1∕4" × .032" male quick connect terminals for ground and optional features
  • Largest battery bank cannot exceed Group 27

Optional Features

  • Optional Auxiliary Battery Priority connection shares the alternator charge with the Auxiliary battery longer when the engine is running to allow the use of auxiliary loads or an extended period of time
  • Remote LED remotely indicates ACR states - requires optional LED

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